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Daftar Film Chinese Di Tahun 2011

  1. The 13 Women of Nanjing
  2. 1911
  3. All's Well, Ends Well 2011
  4. Amazing
  5. Baby, Run Quickly
  6. Beach Spike
  7. A Beautiful Life
  8. Beauty on Duty 2
  9. Big Big Man
  10. Big Deal
  11. Black & White
  12. Blocked
  13. Blowfish
  14. The Blue Bone
  15. The Break-Up Artist
  16. Breaking the Waves
  17. Chase Our Love
  18. A Chinese Fairy Tale
  19. Choy Lee Fut
  20. Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu
  21. Come for You
  22. Deadly Will
  23. The Detective 2
  24. The Devil Inside Me
  25. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  26. Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains
  27. The Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011
  28. Eat Drink Man Woman 2
  29. Eternal Moment
  30. Fatal Invitation
  31. Fist of the Dragon
  32. The Flying Guillotines
  33. The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
  34. The Forgotten Time
  35. The Founding of a Party
  36. The Frightening Night
  37. The Ghosts Must Be Crazy
  38. Goodbye May
  39. The Grandmasters
  40. The Great Magician
  41. The Harbor 2012
  42. Hi, Fidelity
  43. Homecoming
  44. Honey Pupu
  45. House Mania
  46. I Love Hong Kong
  47. I Phone You
  48. Inseparable
  49. It's a Great, Great World
  50. It's Love
  51. Jump Ashin!
  52. The Killer Who Never Kills
  53. The King of Jesters
  54. Kiss, His First
  55. A Land without Boundaries
  56. The Law of Attraction
  57. Lee's Adventures
  58. Life Is a Miracle
  59. Live with Fashion
  60. The Lost Bladesman
  61. Love in Space
  62. Lovesick
  63. Make Up
  64. The Man Behind the Courtyard House
  65. Men Suddenly in Love
  66. The Monkey King
  67. Motorway
  68. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible
  69. Mr. and Mrs. Single
  70. My Kingdom
  71. My Own Swordsman
  72. Mysterious Island
  73. Naked Soldiers
  74. The Next Magic
  75. Night Market Hero
  76. Old Master Q and Little Ocean Tiger
  77. One Wrong Step
  78. Out of Control
  79. Overheard 2
  80. Painted Skin 2
  81. Palace
  82. Paradise Island
  83. Peony Legend
  84. Perfect Fairy Tale
  85. Perfect Rivals
  86. Promise Time
  87. Punished
  88. Qian Xue Sen
  89. Revenge of the Factory Woman
  90. The Road Less Traveled
  91. The Seal of Love
  92. Seediq Bale
  93. A Sentimental Story
  94. Shaolin
  95. Sky Fighters
  96. Sleepwalker
  97. Smile for Me
  98. Snapper
  99. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
  100. Somebody to Love
  101. Speed Angel
  102. Stand by Me
  103. Star Bethlehem
  104. The Story of a Piano
  105. Struggle
  106. The Sun
  107. Sweet Journey
  108. Swordsmen
  109. Through Stunning Storms
  110. To My Wife
  111. Together
  112. Tracks Kong Lingxue
  113. Treasure Hunt
  114. Under the Influence
  115. Underdog Knight 2
  116. Underground Resistance
  117. Vanguard
  118. Wall Painting
  119. The Warring States
  120. What Women Want
  121. White Deer Plain
  122. White Vengeance
  123. Yellow Roses

Tabel: Pembiayaan Tiongkok terhadap Proyek Sumber Daya Alam di Afrika

Budaya-Tionghoa.Net | Republik Rakyat Tiongkok muncul sebagai pembiaya utama infrastruktur di sub-Sahara Afrika. Komitmen pembiayaan RRT berkisar 0.5 milyar per tahun pada awal tahun 2000an menjadi 7 milyar dollar di tahun 2006, menandai "Tahun Afrika" bagi Tiongkok. Selain Tiongkok , negara lain seperti India dan negara-negara Arab juga memainkan peran penting dalam pembiayaan infrastruktur di Afrika


Tabel Spionase China vs Militer USA


Budaya-Tionghoa.Net |

Time Frame
U.S. Nuclear
Weapon Designs
with U.S.
nuclear lab
Based on U.S. Intelligence
Community data the Cox
Commission reported in 1999 that
the PRC had gained information on
the W-88, W-87, W-78,W-76, W-70,
W-62, and W-56 nuclear warheads,
plus some warhead casing designs,
which likely helped the PLA design
new smaller warheads for its DF-31
and JL-2 missiles.
to 2000
and double
Compromised two top FBI
counterintelligence officials
handling her; suspected of having
passed along great knowledge of
U.S. operations and methods; may
have compromised past operations
and assets.

Tabel Komposisi Protein - Mantou


Budaya-Tionghoa.Net | Tabel Komposisi Protein Dalam Mantou [Dong , 2005 ]

Osborne Fraction Solubility Behavior Composition Biological Role Functional Role
Albumin Extractable [Air]  Non Gluten Protein


Protein Struktural

Globulin Extractable [Garam] Non Gluten Protein


Protein Struktural

Gliadin Extractable [Alcohol] Glutein Protein Prolamin

Dough Viscosity


Glutenin Extractable [Asetat] Glutein Protein Prolamin

Dough Elasticity


Residu Unextractable

Glutein Protein

Polimer Non Gluten

Prolamin [Glutein]

Lobulin [Tricitin]


 Sumber :

  1. Li Zaigui , Tan Hongzhuo , "Traditional Chinese Foods : Production and Research Progress", 2009 ,




Chinese Quote

  1. Lin She Pau Fo Chiao (Sudah kepepet baru meluk kaki Buddha )
  2. Cia Phin Chu Siao Ce, Kuo Ruan Shien Cung Chen (Dari keluarga miskin keluar anak yang berbakti, di saat negara kacaukeluarlah para pahlawan yang setia )
  3. Siao Mien Hu (Harimau yang penuh senyum)
  4. Cia Cia You Pen Nan Nien Te Cing (Dalam setiap keluarga terdapat sebuah kitab yang sulit untuk dirapalkan)
  5. Hwa Ren She I Phen San Sa (Orang Tionghoa adalah senampan pasir yang berserakan)
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