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Dewa Hokkian - Lin Taishigong

  • Written by  Jave Wu | David Kwa
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Premier of Nine Emperors - Grand Tutor Lim/Lin (Kiuhong Thaysukong �" Lim-hu Thaysu 九皇太師公 - 林府太師)


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Lim Thaysu (Lin Taishi 林太師) aka Lim Thaysukong (Lin Taishigong 林太師公), the title of Grand Tutor Lim/Lin (1537-1607). Lim Thaysu/Lin Taishi’s real name was Lim Kay Chun/Lin Xiechun 林偕春 or Lim Hu Goan/Lin Fuyuan 林孚元. He was born in 1537 (16th year of Ke-ceng/Jiajing Period of the Beng/Ming Dynasty �"�于明朝嘉靖十六年).

In 1565, at the age of 28, he got his Number One Scholar (cionggoan/zhuangyuan 狀元) from the Imperial Court and started his service for the Nation. After getting his title, he was being appointed to join in the Hanlim/Hanlin Academy (翰林院) ― meaning a Academy of All Scholars who did the tasks of recordings, editing and academic-planning, etc.

In 1568 he was selected as the Top Scholar in Hanlim/Hanlin Academy (Hanlim Tayhaksu/Hanlin Daxueshi 翰林大學士) and appointed to edit and arrange the Records of the Country’s History (編修史記).

In 1573 he was promoted to the position of Grand Tutor (Thaysu/Taishi 太師) of the Imperial Court (since, before the crown prince ascended his throne, Lim Thaysu/Lin Taishi had been the Teacher of the Crown Prince (Thaycu Thayhu/Taizi Taifu 太子太傅).

In 1607, at the age of 71, Lim Thaysu/Lin Taishi passed away, and he was buried at Mt Chitseng /Qixing in Hokkian/Fujian Province (�`�與福建省內七星山).

According to records, during the period when Lin Taishi got his promotion as the Grand Tutor, he saved a temple from being destroyed by the bullies and hooligans in the area of where he performed his official duty

After capturing the group of bullies and hooligans, then, Lin Taishi realized that the temple was built dedicated to the Nine Emperors aka Kiuhong Tayte/Jiuhuang Dadi (九皇大帝).

That night Kiuhong Tayte/Jiuhuang Dadi came into Lin Taishi’s dream to show their appreciation and gratitude of him saving the temple. In his dream, Kiuhong Tayte/Jiuhuang Dadi bestowed Lim Thaysu/Lin Taishi with the official title of Kiuhong Thaysukong/Jiuhuang Taishi Gong (九皇太師公). The next day, while Lim Thaysu/Lin Taishi went back to the temple, he saw a seat in the temple

dedicated to him.

From then on, Lim Thaysu/Lin Taishi is also known as the Grand Tutor or Premier for the Nine Emperors (Kiuhong Thaysukong/Jiuhuang Taishigong 九皇太師公).

Till today, traditional temples or altars that are dedicated to the Nine Emperors will still set up a seat for Lin Taishi, this is to show the gratitude to him.

Lin Taishi was also known as one of the Ancestors of the Lim/Lin Clan (林氏祖先).

http://javewu.multiply.com/journal/item/123 (edited by David Kwa--- Hokkian/Mandarin-Pinyin).


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